Why Scoring A in SPM is Important

Many students miss out on opportunities to save on tuition fees because they are short of an A.

This is because the majority of private colleges and universities award bursaries and scholarships based on the number of As obtained in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Source : Xpresi

1. Qualify for scholarships

Top grades are important for scholarship awards. If students are aiming to enter private tertiary education instituitions, getting that one extra A can sometimes be the determining factor of whether a scholarship is given.

Many private higher education institutions provide scholarships and bursaries for students with at least 5As and above. Normally, the scholarship amount offered is based on the student achievements.

2. Qualify for courses of interest

Students should take note that achieving excellent academic results is crucial in determining the types of study they qualify for. For example, to do a foundation course, which leads to a degree, students must have at least five SPM credits.

A minimum of three credits is needed for diploma studies, otherwise, students will need to start from the certificate level.

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