Why Language Learning is Important for Children ?

No matter what your future plans are, speaking more than one language is always an awesome useful skill to have. This is especially true for children.

Source : kiidu

Reasons why you expose your children to different languages.

1. Exposure to languages improves empathy

When children learn a new language, they are exposed to customs and values from a different society. This encourages them to think from a different point of view, thus improving cultural sensitivity. At a crucial time in their development, exposing children to new ways of seeing the world and appreciating where others come from can be character-defining.

2. Children have a better learning advantage

There’s no evidence that children learn languages better than adults, but they are less inhibited For example, they’re in more comfortable settings and have more time, like during school holidays.

3. Multilingualism may be linked to higher income

Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between multilingualism people has better earning potential. The scope of accessible jobs is wider, because there are opportunities to find positions in other countries, and employers value this skill because it correlates with strong communication skills and an international mindset.

Are your children finds it difficult to learn languages such as Bahasa Melayu or English? Do you think they need extra hand to learn these languages?

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