Memory is an essential part of a solid foundation for learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Having a better memory can help your child to do better in school, perform well in exams, and achieve better grades.

How can you help your child improve their memory?

1. Ask Questions

Understanding a subject is the first step to remember the lessons learnt. Encouraging your child to ask questions helps ensure he/she is developing a deeper comprehension of the topic. This also helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Create Rhymes and Songs

Encourage your child to make a rhyme, poem, or song their learnings. Our brains are proned to remember music and patterns, so using music or rhymes can help your child improve his or her memory and recall.

3. Encourage Active Learning

Having discussions about different topics by asking your child what he or she thinks to make learning more engaging for your child. This encourages students to keep the information in their minds long enough to answer questions about it, helping them develop critical thinking skills while improving memory power.

4. Use Visual Aids

Encourage your child to use visual aides to help them remember information efficiently. Create flashcards or mind maps that include words or images. Children are more attracted to images than just a whole page of words.

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