Tips to get an A in Biology

Science subjects, like Biology, may be the most challenging subjects you’ll ever encounter. Getting an A in biology is not difficult if you tackle some of the major issues you face and having tips for dealing with them.

1.Make vocabulary flashcards

There’s a lot of terminology in Biology. Flashcards are a great memorization aid. Spend at least one hour of your study time a week making and studying flashcards. Put the new term on one side of the card and the definition on the other side. Go through your stack and test your ability to remember the meaning of each term. When you get a card right, put it in a separate stack. Keep practicing with your other cards until you get them all right.

2. Study actively, not passively

Reading all alone won’t get you a good grade in a science class. To store information in your long-term memory, you have to use the information actively. You can practice what you have learnt in several ways:

  • Draw processes and structures. Take out some blank paper and try to draw mind maps of the things you’re learning about. Label everything and explain the concepts to yourself as you go along. Peek at your notes when you have to, but keep repeating the process until you don’t have to peek anymore.

  • Explain things to others. If you study alone, you can explain things out loud to yourself. Or explain things to your significant other, your parents, your kids, or even your pets.

  • Answer questions at the back of your book chapter. These questions are good practice, especially the critical thinking questions that ask you to think about real-life scenarios and apply them to your life.

3. Ask for help up front

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get help. At the first sign of trouble, like a bad grade on an assignment or quiz, get help from your school teacher, your teaching assistant, the tutoring center, or a friend who’s doing well in the class. If you wait till the end, you might have to crush all information in one go and but might not be efficient for you to learn and memorise.

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