Study Smarter, not Study Harder !

You might already heard people saying Study Smart. But, what exactly is it? Why study smart is better than study harder? What are the differences? Here's some new study tips !

1. Organise your notes visually

Re-write the key points of a class or subject as a diagram – try using a mind-map or flow chart, or colour grading key elements of the topic. You can remember them better .Then, you can give it a quick glance before you go into an exam.

2. Explain things to others

It helps make things clearer in your head if you try to explain your answers verbally to people who do not know much about the subject. Your parents and siblings could be useful for this! Or if you have pets, make use of them by talking about what you have studied that day.

3. Get together with a study group

You can still have a social life and study – Zoom call with them to get together virtually, have pizza, and share ideas or test each other. This way you don't only get to catch up with them but also get to test each other's knowledge. If you can't answer their question, quickly look up the topics and you will remember better.

4. Ask your teachers

Ask your teachers before an exam, make sure you know exactly what will be covered and what type of questions you should expect. They may have some practice papers you can try. After learning a new topic and you have questions, do not wait for the very last minute to ask them. Ask right away before you forget about the questions.

5. Feed your brain and stay healthy

Eat well. Good brain food includes fish, nuts, blueberries and yoghurt. Get enough sleep, and plan in workout to keep fit. Oxygen also helps your memory and concentration, so take a break and get some fresh air.

Hope you get some insight of how to study smarter. If you need help with your studies, we can help you!

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