Should you go for online tuition?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Tuition centres have existed for decades and they have definitely delivered amazing results to students in exams. However, with the rise of technology, are traditional tuition centres still the way to go to score your As? What if there is a more convenient and effective way to learn? Here’s what online learning can do for you.

1. Time and Location If you enrolled in a physical tuition class, you would need to make your way there every week just for a short class, at a specified time. What if there was an accident on the highway or an unexpected rain? You would arrive late and miss half the class or get frustrated and turn back home! Furthermore, the fixed timing of tuition classes don’t always fit our schedules! With Full HD recorded online tuition classes, you would definitely be able to watch it anytime, anywhere! Raining? No problem. Virus? Stay at home! No time? Watch later! You could even watch it on your living room sofa!

2. Repeat Falling asleep in classes or daydreaming isn’t a rare thing in classes – almost anyone does it! However, with unlimited views of recorded online tuition classes, you would definitely be able to watch again and again as many times as you need! This would come in extremely handy when you are revising for your exams, especially the year-end exam! Who would remember what the tutor taught in the first class?

3. Softcopy Materials Tuition centres hand out notes for every new chapter but that doesn’t mean you’ll keep every chapter in your bag! What you’ll most likely end up with is missing chapters or “salted vegetables”! With high quality, coloured, up-to-date softcopy materials, your notes would be available at all times! Jot down your notes directly in the PDFs or print them out yourselves!

4. WhatsApp group support Feel lonely watching tuition at home? Don’t be! Interactive WhatsApp groups will be set up for you to study together with, not just the online students, but everyone else! You may ask questions, send your pictures or even chat with fellow students in the WhatsApp group! It literally is an online classroom! Your tutor will also be there supporting you all the way!

5. Cost If you were to get online tuition elsewhere, you’d end up paying hourly rates that would add up to thousands! Why not attend a flexible online tuition class and pay for a monthly rate just like a normal tuition class – for as low as RM1.50 per day? You can’t even buy your daily coffee with that amount! However, these videos aren't boring instructional videos, they are actually live classes happening! Not one-to-one, not boring instructional videos but real-life classroom videos!

Our online classes are just as great as our physical ones. The same tutors, the same notes but convenience that cannot be compared! With lessons uploaded within 48 hours, you’ll not feel any difference! Try it with us, no matter where you are in Malaysia! Message us now at for 1 MONTH of FREE TUITION!

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