Should Parents Pressure their Kids to get Good Grades?

Parents have high expectations and give their children performance anxiety in school. There’s a fine line between being a good parent capable of stimulating kids to be achievers and taking things too far. Studies show that crossing that line can have severe impacts for young individuals. Mental health experts believe that unrealistic parental expectations could affect the cognitive and emotional development of children.

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What Academic Pressure impact on children's Phycological Growth?

Parents who put too much focus on grades and extracurricular activities are minimizing the importance of social skills and compassion for kids. Therefore, they could actually be causing to their children’s failure when it comes to being well-adjusted individuals and contributing members of society.

When parents are too interested in good grades during the formative years of children, they’re causing high stress levels and anxiety. Studies has proven that teaching children kindness and compassion motivate them to perform better in school and increases their academic achievements.

Excessive Academic Pressure is Harmful

Today’s society is putting a lot of pressure on success. Thus, kids are in a constant state of competition for good grades, sports achievement, entering established high school or college. As academic pressure increases, psychological health deteriorates.

The values that children obtained by their parents play a key role in the individual growth of every kid. Their priorities and even personal beliefs are made up by what parents see as the most important things in life.

Academic parental pressure will only make kids worry. When they get a high grade on a test, they will only worry about the next one or that someone has gotten an even higher grade instead of celebrating their good grades. If their grades isn’t the top one, kids will be left with the feeling that they’re just not good enough.

How to Encourage Children and Make Learning Fun

As a parent, you should focus on the benefits of exploring new things rather than getting good grades. Children should be hungry for the gains of knowledge, especially in an academic area that they enjoy.

Finally, the importance of kindness and compassion should be prioritized . These are the skills that parents should matter the most.

Every parent should lead by example and be a good role model. Words should be followed by actions, good attitude towards others and adherence to the rules when it comes to getting a positive outcome.

If a child is already too stressed out about going to school and getting good grades, parents should work with children know how to address the situation and discover the contributing factors. Once the problem has been solved, the family will start gaining ways on how to communicate better and set healthy goals in the long run.

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