Mind-Boggling Brain Games To Activate Thinking In Kids

There are a variety of mind development games and activities that will keep children away from screens, help develop their brains, all while keeping them entertained and their minds stimulated. Child’s play is an integral part of development. Children do not play just to entertain themselves. From the time they are born, they are constantly learning.

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1. Tease Your Brain With Puzzles!

Best suited for 2-8 year olds

Puzzles can be fun for the entire family! They are a great way to develop your child’s thinking, coordination, problem-solving, cognitive skills and motor skills— proving puzzles to be awesome games for brain development.

There are many different kinds of puzzles to choose from such as board puzzles for younger children, and Scrabble, Sudoku, crosswords, logic puzzles and even Rubik’s cubes for older children (and adults)! At any age, puzzles are sure-fire brain teasers!

2. Improvisation Games — Improv this!

Best suited for 6-12 year olds

Improvisation games are the most fun brain-boosting games! The benefits of improv games are alot!

They help increase confidence, refine brainstorming abilities, improve learning and observation, improve decision-making and spontaneity.

Improv games are great for the whole family, you can play them anywhere and at any time.

Here’s a simple improv game you can play with the whole family:

‘One-word story’ Each person in the room helps create a story but one word at a time! Come up with a quirky story title or theme and let the fun begin! Simplify the game by narrating the story one sentence at a time instead of one word at a time.

3) Math Game: Mathematics + Brain Games = Fun!

Best suited for 5-12 year olds

A simple math game is great for helping children with their counting skills. Card games are great for enhancing consolidated math skills.

Math brain games help your child with number identification, counting, addition/subtraction, greater than/lesser than and other basics of mathematics.

So, here are two simple math brain games for kids:

'Dice Wars'

You will need dice and some counting elements (pebbles, buttons, seeds, etc). You play the game by taking turns rolling dice and you count the number on the dice.

The player with a higher number gets to steal a pebble or button from the other player. The player who steals all the elements is the winner!

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