Lessons Learnt from Squid Game

Have you watch Squid Game? The current hottest drama series in Netflix!

1. Life Is Not A Race (Everyone Has Different Life Pace to Achieve Their Goal)

This game has taught us an important lesson that speed is not the main contributor in life and everyone has their own pace to achieve their dreams. The first person who rushes to his goal hastily is the first person to be defeated in the game. However, it does not also mean to take your own sweet time since there is a 5 mins time limit in the game.

2. Everything in life is a choice (Choose the 4 shapes)

In daily life, decision making is inevitable in our personal or student life based on the situation we are currently in. They can be trivial matters such as deciding what you want to eat for lunch to major life decisions, like which education course to pursue in your tertiaty education. They never stop coming.

3. Good Start Without a Good Strategy Leads To Failure

Life is like a game of mahjong, start with the good cards does not guarantee a definite win in the game. Just because you have a great team does not mean that victory is on your side. It is well illustrated in this tug-of-war game of Squid game. The “bad guy” team obviously has an upper hand with all the strong men, but they lose in the end. But the weaker team prevail with a proper strategy executed.

The lesson from this game leads us pondering about our destiny. People believed that If you have a good head start, like born in a wealthy family, support from parents, you are “destined” to succeed in life. However, if you do not play the card strategically throughout your life journey, it can also lead to a miserable life. We also seen kids from a poor background can outperform rich man kids too.

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