The benefits of music education extend well beyond childhood, lasting a lifetime. Music education is shown to have a multitude of benefits, including abstract reasoning and creativity. Children who are musically trained have stronger every day listening skills. Music engages both sides of the brain and challenges children to simultaneously concentrate on multiple tasks.

Explore how making music can be part of your children’s lives below!


Recommended for children in elementary school

Playing the piano offers advantages to players of all ages, including developing concentration, lowering stress, improving self-esteem, and enhancing fine motor skills.


Recommended for children in elementary school

You can’t play the ukulele without a smile on your face! Try it with your child- it’s a given that it will lead to smiles and liven up the atmosphere of any room. The ukulele is a perfect instrument to learn to play. Nylon strings make it easy to play and the instrument itself can be purchased at a low cost. Children will benefit from hand-eye coordination and be playing songs with weeks, or even days!


Recommended for children in elementary school, middle and high school

Parents may be wary of buying a drum set for their child because of the noise factor. It might not be the quietest of instruments, but children love this instrument they can play with all of their limbs.


Recommended for children in elementary and middle school

The violin can be challenging. If your child is disciplined to push through the difficulties of mastering the violin, they can play anything they put their mind too! Benefits include tone, pitch, coordination and perseverance.


Recommended for middle and high school students

Learning to play the guitar is easy! Kids also gravitate towards the cool factor that the guitar brings. This fundamental instrument teaches children the basics of music.


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