How to Motivate your Kids to Study

Perhaps your child finds it difficult to pay attention, procrastinates wildly, or does not do any revision until you start nagging.

Perhaps they are getting frustrated with their slow progress!


We, as parents just wants the best for our kids. But how do we properly guide them?

How to motivate your kids to study :

Think of your child’s study motivation like a set of scale.

On one side, you have 0: these are the factors that pull your child’s motivation down and kill their passion to succeed.

For example, they fear of failure. The best way to overcome the fear of failure is to make sure your child has all the tools and support they need to get them motivated. You can start by telling them simple yet encourage quotes “It is okay to make mistakes, they are part of learning” “Learn from your mistakes is one of the best self-reflection”. With this, even though they get low grades, they are still motivated to be better!

Another example, they are surrounded by distractions. Parents should identify things that cause their children to lose focus. Not just physical distractions such as mobile games, television, or environment distractions such as noise but emotional distractions such as their mental status. You can prevent this by identifying them and try to avoid those distractions.

On the other side, you have 10: these are factors that lift your child’s motivation up and encourage them to pursue their goals.

For example, having a reward system. Reward system is often a motivational tactic amongst parents. Do not get me wrong, reward does not have to be an expensive one. Something that makes them happy will do. However, keep in mind rewards are just short-term motivation.

Besides, try communicating with them by explaining why it is crucial to study diligently and succeed. Knowing why they need to succeed is one of the most powerful ways for your child to be motivated. Encourage them to brainstorm why studying matters to them.

Hope this brings better idea on how to motivate your children to work harder. Wishing you and your family every success in their studies!

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