How to Improve your Child's Communication Skills?

School kids are just learning how to interact with their classmates and make friends. At this teenage age, your child may need your help with making conversation, building confidence and they may need your help to learn how to better communicate/express their thoughts and feelings. How can you as parents help them? Let's take a quick read !

1. Talk regularly with your child.

Children who have trouble communicating may not want to talk at all. Your job here is to encourage your child to start or participate in conversation as much as possible. This will most definitely help your child begin to feel more comfortable opening up. As parents, we can be overwhelmed with work but we have to bear in mind that it is our responsibilities to teach and communicate with our children.

For an instance, during family meals, chat about what they have learned during online class. During family activities such as movie time, chat about the moral of the movie. Good movie leads to good conversation which not only improve their communication skills but thinking skills as well.

Demonstrating how to make conversations that is relevant to what’s happening around your child. You can introduce new words and concepts all the time to improve their language.

2. Listen to and reflect what your child says.

One of the most important conversation skills is to listen and engage upon what someone else says. Don't get me wrong, this means to listen to your children actively, do not nag at them instead.

After your child has told you something, repeat back part of what your child said, and then follow up with a question: “Wow, it sounds like online class is fun and interesting. What other subject do you think you need help with?" Listening to your child about their complains, excitements or statements will bring positive outcomes and strengthen your parents-children relationship as well.

3. Ask your child’s opinion.

Communicating requires children to reflect on their feelings. Ask your child to weigh in on daily decisions. The conversation can be as simple as which meal you cook for dinner or what revision books they need with their studies.

Ask your child’s opinion about relevant topics. Things like, “Should the we try exercise together?” "Can you teach daddy how to solve this simple math?" Using “I think” or “I feel” statements is good practice for having successful everyday conversations.

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