How Not To Get Affected by Small Things

We all know that anxiety attack us whenever we feel bothered by small little things. But, how do we overcome that?

Here's some tips !

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1. Don’t take everything seriously. Learn to laugh at superficial matters and overthink everything people say. Take things at face value and don’t be over-analytical.

For example, someone makes a small joke about you . Everyone laughs, including you. Then when the moment has passed, you wondered how much truth there is in what has been said. Is that really how everyone sees you? What could you possibly do to change?

Have you ever found yourself in such scenario? Do you often find yourself thinking back on what someone had said or how they acted?

It’s true, people do from time to time say things that is not 100% true. But you must learn to differentiate that what has been said or done was to be understood plainly as it was presented.

Then consider the following tips that will help you shake this habit:

  • Stop being over-analytical. Don’t dwell on possible double meanings or hidden agendas.

  • Learn to laugh at jokes. Focus on the lighter side of life.

  • Fill your headspace. Listen to feel-good music playlists.

2. You Find It Difficult To Forgive

Do you find it difficult to forgive others?

The truth is that being unable to forgive things makes it easier for small things to affect you. Why? Because you remember the bad that others have done to you and things start to float in your mind.

When you hold grudges, the intensity of the wrong doings deepens with time. Here’s an example. Perhaps you are angry at someone because of what they said. But over time, your feelings escalate. Suddenly, you saw the person again and you feel extremely upset. You can see here, it only affect you in a negative way and not them.

Thus, forgiving is a great way for you to let go of the heavy load and not allowing yourself to be affected by small things.

Besides freeing up space in your mind, forgiving also comes with a wide range of health benefits. Here’s some of them:

  • Fewer symptoms of depression.

  • Improved heart health.

  • A decrease in headaches and migraines.

  • Stronger immune system.

  • Decreased stress levels.

  • Lower blood pressure.

3. You Don’t Open Up To Others

Do you find it difficult to open up to others and let them know how you feel? Take a look at a few reasons:

  • When you don’t open up it makes it tricky for others to know how you feel. If you’re not honest with others, you will never be able to discuss the things that are bothering you. They will never completely understand you

  • When you don’t open up people will keep hurting you time and time again. Why? Because you’ve never expressed how you feel about something.

  • When you don’t open up it makes it hard for people to trust you. No one likes to be friends with someone that’s secretive. Being honest with people will help them to be more drawn to you.

As you can see, these tips might help you feel a little better. Once you get a hold of it , work through your problems. Then, believe in yourself that you are making yourself feel better.

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