Yes, hot cocoa is delicious, but did you know that it can also be good for you?

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1. Heart Health

Hot chocolate is good for your heart: the milk in hot cocoa can help protect against strokes, according to a UK study, and chocolate is richer in heart-healthy antioxidants than green tea. Together: the perfect concoction.

2. Brightens Skin

While you may have heard that milk can is bad for your skin, causing pimples (which it can, but only for those with a sensitivity to dairy) you should also be aware that milk is fortified with Vitamin D and that it's packed with Vitamin A, which is great for skin.

3. Good for Cough

There's a reason you may crave chocolate when you're sick: theobromine, one component, can actually help quell your coughs. You may have heard that dairy may produce phlegm, which is no good when you're sick, but some studies counter that claim.

4. Lose Weight

Excess stomach fat can be reduced by dairy, and dark chocolate can slow down the digestive process, creating a feeling of fullness. Together? A cup of hot cocoa can be a fat-busting snack.

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