Good SPM English Essays to score A+

Students, are you struggling to write a good essay? No ideas? Poor vocabulary and grammar? Not creative enough? No worries! Here's some examples of excellent essays you can refer for your next coming essay Exam! Click on to read.

Descriptive Essays

  1. Friend

  2. Friends

  3. My Best Friend

  4. Describe an afternoon at the bus station

  5. A Horrifying Swim

Narrative Essays

  1. A Horror / Tragic Story

  2. Finally, A Voice Message

  3. Forgiven

  4. Home

  5. Race

Argumentative / Persuasive Essays

  1. Haze: A Danger to Health

  2. Money

  3. Cell phones - One of Our Greatest Technologies Misused

  4. Importance of Studying English

  5. Faith

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