Effective Tips to Study Maths

Mathematics or also known as Math - A subject that many absolutely dread, yet many students find it easy and a scoring subject. If you are facing difficulty while studying mathematics, then you should read this blog! Follow these simple and effective Math Study Tips to make it easy and fun.

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Here are some tips to tackle Maths like an expert!

Practice as much as you can

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You can’t just ‘learn’ the chapters, you have to understand concepts and then keep practicing. It’s good to start practicing right from day 1. That way, you will be well prepared by the time the exam arrives.

Start by solving examples

Don’t start by solving complex/difficult problems. If you have just understood the chapter, solving hard sums will give you the wrong answer and discourage you. Instead, start simple. Solve the examples in your textbook. Make sure you don’t look at the answer before hand. Once you have solved it, compare it to the textbook solution. Check if all your steps are correct, not just the main answer. Once you get all the steps right, you are ready to solve more difficult questions.

Note down all formulae

Make flash cards of all the formulae in your textbook and decorate your room with them. This way make you 'see' the formula more often and you will be able to automatically recall them. Great tips isn't it ?

Understand the derivation

You can’t always learn a formula, you need to understand the logic behind it. For example, you need to understand how answers are formed. If you just memorize without understanding, there are chances you might forget it during the exam, but if your concepts are clear, it will always be easy to remember.

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