Does Pop Quiz really helps?

Pop quiz are the two words most school children hate most. Why? Maybe because of the fact that is an unannounced quiz and students are not prepared for it. Pop tests happen when there aren’t numerous students in class or when the class isn’t well-prepared. The quizzes get more students coming to class having done the reading in light of the fact that there might be a test.

So what are some benefits of pop quiz?

• Motivation: Teachers can use classroom quiz as a motivational tool for students. Students become more motivated to read their book and listen in class if they know that they will be teste on the material from class.

• Review: Students will tend to appreciate reviewing concepts they recently studied. Pop quizzes allow students to learn on prior knowledge and reinforce concepts which may be unclear to them. Students will take time to study recent notes taken in class to perform better in class.

• Increase Class Participation

• Pop quizzes result in stress and panic : To truly help students learn what they are studying, there are better methods unlink pop quiz. Like homework, which is already meant to help students study every day by emphasizing the concepts taught in class, and also benchmark quizzes (scheduled quizzes taken every day y students on the material they learned in class)

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