Board Games to Learn English While Having Fun

Board games aren’t just for fun.

When you think of studying English, what do you imagine? You probably see yourself sitting at a desk with your nose in a book. Reading an English book can be fun sometimes. But studying English doesn’t always have to be that way. Studying can be a social and fun activity. Gather your friends, grab some board games and you will be learning in no time.

1. Scrabble

No English learning game list can be complete without the classic Scrabble game!

To play Scrabble, you have to arrange letters into words on a playing board. Letters earn you points, and special tiles on the board give you extra points. The goal of the game is to beat your opponent(s) by writing the best words and putting them in the best place on the board.

You may be thinking that you probably need to know a lot of words before you can play the game, but here’s the best part: Scrabble games are often played with dictionaries close by.

2. Taboo

Every card in Taboo shows one main word. Below the main word you will find a list of words that are similar to the main word, either synonyms (words which have the same meaning) or words which are closely associated with the main word. Your task is to describe the main word to someone without using any of the words underneath it.

3. Apples to Apples

To play Apples to Apples, every player except one “judge” puts a card down face-down that is best described by a special card on the table. The judge turns the cards over and chooses the best card. Whoever placed that card down wins a point, and someone else gets to be the judge in the next turn.

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