Best Brain Gym Exercises for Kids

What are Brain Gym Exercises?

Just like any other exercise is done to strengthen muscles, brain exercises stimulate brain activity and involve basic tasks and actions that need to be performed. These exercises contain several movements which help with your child’s ears, eyes, head, limbs, and overall body coordination. They contain simple movements that help in several areas like,

  • Memory

  • Concentration

  • Coordination

  • Academics

  • Organisational skills

Effective & Simple Brain Gym Exercises Your Child Should Learn:

1. Double Doodle

This is a bilateral drawing exercise where your child draws two images with both his/her hands. This helps improve several skills like learning spelling accuracy, writing and recognition of symbols, calculation, etc.

2. Cross Crawls

In this exercise, your child will move their left arm to their right leg slowly. The slow movement increases your child’s mental coordination and attention. It can help release their stress and concentrate better on their studies.

3. Lazy Eight’s

This exercise requires your child to draw the figure eight either on a sheet of paper or in the air using their hands. This loosens the muscles in his arms and wrists and activates the creative side of your child. It also improves eyesight with eye muscle coordination and peripheral vision.

4. The Elephant

Let your child stretch their hands and place it next to their ear on the same side. After this, let them draw the sign of infinity with their extended hand for at least 3 times and repeat with the other hand too. This improves your child’s mind and body balance and also helps listen to words correctly.

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